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About Me

My name is Peter DeFiglio but I am also known as the “sausage guy."  My background consists of a degree from Moravian College in financial economics/psychology as well as 15 years of running an Italian specialty grocery store in South Jersey. I realized quickly after moving from home that I could not find any fresh sausage that compares to the one I used to produce for my grocery store. So I convinced my wife to buy some equipment to make my own again which is what sparked the business that I run today.


My business crafts sausages based on your menu and food culture. I work with your executive chef to create a product that will set you apart from your competition. My business is unique because I work on location and I work with the product you source from your suppliers. In essence, I am on demand to keep the product fresh and available when you need it. I have many recipes that currently work very well and I am constantly developing new ones. I also offer a full line of on-site meat services including fresh ground burger, meatball and meatloaf mix, cubes of steak, spice mixtures, and lots more.


I am a fourth-generation butcher who has a vast knowledge of all sorts of protein as well as different processing techniques at your disposal. As I tell my customers I am a cross between a mobile caterer and an electrician. Just remember “If you think of meat think of Pete.” Initial consults and samples are free upon request.

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